Research Outline

Our laboratory conducts basic research on nanotechnology based on physics and has been primarily researching the following subjects.

1. Magnetic Phase Transition of Magnetic Nanoparticles

By creating a magnetic particle with a particle diameter of a few nanometers, we have determined its physical properties. Any regular solid that exists around us is assumed to contain a number of atoms to the Avogadro constant (approximately 6.02×1023). However, this premise becomes disregarded in the case of matter that is only a few nanometers in size, allowing us to observe quantum mechanical phenomena that are different from solids. We investigate the characteristic physical phenomena of nanoscopic systems, such as quantum size effects and magnetic quantum tunneling. We hope that this study will encourage a strong interest in academics and the results will be applicable to high-density magnetic recording media and various magnetic materials.

2. Combining Magnetic Nanoparticles and Medicine

By employing magnetic nanoparticles generated via an original method we have developed functional magnetic nanoparticles for medical applications, such as drug delivery systems (DDS), heat therapy (hyperthermia), MRI imaging, and mass spectrometry imaging.

3. Multiferroics and New Physical Properties

Multiferroics are materials that exhibit two or more of the following properties: ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism, ferroelectricity, and ferroelasticity. In our laboratory, we are developing new multiferroic nanoparticles with the expectation of observing an electromagnetic effect that is capable of controlling magnetism in an electric field and conversely, electric polarization in a magnetic field.


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